CNBC Still Doesn't Get It - Stop Defending Wall Street over Main Street!

3/16/2009 06:04:00 PM / Posted by Soullfire /

I just tuned into CNBC to see a congressman under attack from CNBC anchor Melissa Lee and another person for daring to attempt to tax the profits of AIG's 160 million bonus package they plan on shelling out to thier employees. At least Donny Deutsch was chiming in siding with the congressman.

What galled me most was Melissa's argument when Donny asked her who she was being so averse to Govt taxing those bonuses.

She said it was the governement's fault for giving AIG the money with no strings attached. Her exact words ended with "That's just the way the cookie crumbles...."

In the interest of remaining civil and not spouting a littany of 4 letter expletives, I'll try to keep composed.

It's the goverment's fault for for giving AIG money with no strings attached, and that's just the wau the "cookie crumbles"? Excuse me? Wasn't the help given out quickly with "no strings attached" due to all the companies AND CNBC proclaiming financial armageddon if we didn't give immediate help to the Wall Street firms and there was no time to delay and look at details? Now you have the utter gall to blame the governemnt for acting swiftly with little restrictions- what the hell is wrong with you Melissa?!?

Pardon me if I as a taxpayer have an issue with misuse of MY MONEY. Just because the government didn't tie a ton of restrictions to the initial bailout money does NOT give them free reign to do as they please with it.It's irresponsible actions like doling out millions in bonuses when under heavy goverment aid that invite tighter restrictions meing imposed. If a company can't or won't govern themselves properly, then they lose the right of autonomy when taxpayer dollars are involved.

This is want sickens me about CNBC and Fox Business and other slimy financial news networks. They're quick to come to the defense of Corporate America, and label government intervention as evil, but remain strangely silent when it comes to looking out for the interests of the average citizen.

Where was your sense of indignation when AIG and similar firms caused the melt down Melissa? You kept your mouth shut then, so kindly keep it closed now.


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